A retail Beer and Wine licenses are required for any business selling on premises beer and wine. You are required to present license to buy from your distributors. Every state has different requirement to issue a license and there are also many factors that can affect your establishment from getting approved for a Beer and Liquor License.

We have experience preparing this type of document for Restaurants, Bodegas and Markets. We will prepare, complete and file these administrative tasks quickly and effectively, all you need to do is to give us a call to start the process.


Una Licencia de Ceveza y Vino es requerida por el New York Liquor Authority para todo negocio que desee vender cerveza y vino. Cada estado tiene diferentes normas para aprovar esta licensia ademas de diferentes factores que pueden afectar a que a su negocio se le apruebe la licensia.

Nosotros tenemos experiencia preparando este tipo de doumentos tanto para Restaurantes, Bodegas y Markets. Nosotros preparamos, completamos y gestionamos los documentos efectiva y rapidamente. Lo unico que necesita hacer es llamarnos para comenzar el proceso.